Training Diary (09/01/17 – 16/01/17) 2 weeks to go until the Gran Canaria Marathon

Before my previous marathon, I really struggled with the tapering stage. It was partly because I took a school trip away with two weeks to go, which meant I didn’t eat well and didn’t get to run as much as I should have. I ended up feeling heavy and like I’d lost fitness by the time the marathon came around, although it was probably more psychological than anything.

This time has been much better so far. I have managed to control my eating and matched it to the amount of miles I’m doing. I have also had plenty of time to stretch after my runs. Thursday’s fast session was really enjoyable and showed that I’d made a bit more progress over Christmas. I have the odd ache and pain still lingering from Christmas but hopefully the reduced mileage next week will mean it won’t get any worse.

I was also happy with the way I felt the day after my flight from the UK. I’ll be doing a similar journey on the way to Gran Canaria in two weeks and it’s good to know that I’ll be able to get my legs feeling vaguely human less than 24 hours after the flight.

I’m really looking forward to the marathon, although still daunted by the thought of 26 miles at 6.40min/miles.

Next week I just need to keep it together and avoid illness, injury and silly food.


Monday was 8 miles general aerobic with 6x100m strides on the streets and the school playing fields- felt brilliant after double porridge and despite the jet lag. I accelerated up to marathon pace a few times to try and remember the feeling of running at that pace. Beijing feels warm after Berlin.

Tuesday was 14 miles medium run on the streets and, when it got light enough, round the playing fields. Felt a little tough towards the end but fairly happy with a 7.05 average pace.

Wednesday was 6 miles recovery on the treadmill. A little sore in the hips. It turns out yesterday took quite a bit out of me.

Thursday was 9 miles with 3 x 1 mile at 5k pace on the treadmill. Ran the mile reps at 5.45min/mile and felt about right. Good workout, enjoyable. Could have done another rep.

Friday was 7 miles general aerobic with 10x100m strides outside on the playing fields. A nice easy run under the moonlight. It’s good that the groundskeepers put orange cones on the major ditches and hollows around the school fields, otherwise I would have broken my ankle many times this winter. Felt easy and had a good stretch afterwards.

Saturday was 6 miles recovery round the block. Very nice weather in Beijing today and an enjoyable run where I felt full of energy.

Sunday was 13 miles medium run on the treadmill. I tried making this a “depletion” run (kind of- I ate porridge at 6am then nothing until I ran at 1.30). I definitely felt the effects. The last 30 minutes really did feel like the end of a marathon and I had to make an effort to keep up the pace, although I was almost up at target marathon pace. Might try more depleted running in my next training block.


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