Training Diary (26/12/16 – 01/01/17) 4 weeks to go until the Gran Canaria Marathon

It’s an abbreviated training diary this week with just the key details, but what an up and down week it was. The real high was a massive PB in the Ribble Valley 10k. I was genuinely surprised by my time and it has given me huge confidence for the marathon in less than a month. The rest of the week was back to normal training in some lovely locations, although I can’t say I enjoyed the running all that much. I did quite a bit of travelling, I was tired from the race and I slacked off on the eating and stretching regime a bit, all of which meant that my legs were very sore by Sunday. I need to focus again next week and get back to a proper routine

Monday was 6 miles recovery Chatburn -> Downham -> Twiston and back. Windy as heck. Feeling ok for tomorrow.

Tuesday was RIBBLE VALLEY 10k! + 2 miles warm up. 36.58: a new P.B. Get in there! Race report to come.

Wednesday was 19 miles long run Chatburn -> Waddington -> Clitheroe loop x 2. Bad stomach after eating too many sugary things after the 10k. Pace a little slow but understandable after the race.

Thursday was 7 miles general aerobic around Heslington- very early run on a busy day. Took a big effort to get out of bed and going. Probably tired from the race still.

Friday was 15 miles medium run from St. Peter Port to L’ancresse, Guernsey. Enjoyable run along the Guernsey coast in beautiful, mild weather. Found a new off-road route in the north-east of the island.

December weather & a coastal run in St Peter Port, Guernsey (Image credit: mattisrunning)

Saturday was 8 miles general aerobic from St. Peter Port to Vazon Bay and back. A little bit tired again. Hip started hurting after 4 miles. Probably not enough stretching and too much bad food.

Sunday was 4 miles recovery around Beausejour playing fields. Very slow and very achy. Probably paying for neglecting the eating, stretching and strength this week.

Total mileage for the week = 67 dropped two recovery runs because I was sore and didn’t think they would help.


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