Training Diary (01/01/17 – 08/01/17) 3 weeks to go until the Gran Canaria Marathon

I was lucky enough to have another holiday week this week and even luckier to spend it in Berlin. I ended my three-month running streak on Monday because we were travelling all day and, with such sore hips, I feared an injury was coming. I think it was a sensible choice but it did my motivation no good. I was surprised by the cold of Berlin and also couldn’t see any easy running route from where we were staying. For the first time in a long time, I could barely be bothered to get out the door on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fortunately, I did, and I was glad that I’d gone within three minutes of starting each run. Things changed once I found Tempelhof airport- now one of my favourite ever run locations- and a proper session on Thursday lifted me out of my running low.

I also had a good long run on Friday with some good distance at marathon pace.

Monday was DAY OFF- the first in a couple of months. Probably needed it.

Tuesday was 10 miles general aerobic around the streets of Berlin. Freezing cold and hard to memorise a 5 mile out-and-back route as you go along. Ended up running round and round the grass in front of the Berlin Airlift memorial, almost tripping over the discarded wine bottles.

Wednesday was 7 miles recovery to Tempelhof Airport. Found a great location for a longer run. Still aching badly.

Embed from Getty Images

Thursday was 10 miles with 5x600m intervals at 5k pace down the middle of the runway at Tempelhof Airport. Blasted the cobwebs away and made me feel so much better. A change of pace can change everything. My motivation is reborn.

Friday was 19 miles long run with 6 miles at marathon pace around Tempelhof Airport in the snow and -4. Water bottle froze. Marathon pace felt a little harder than I’d like but it was a little windy and there was snow on the ground.

Saturday was 7 miles recovery around the streets of Berlin. Slow and easy. A sad farewell to Tempelhof and a great running route.

Sunday was 5 miles recovery on the treadmill after the flight- very stiff and sore. Had a good stretch and a bit of a cycle afterwards and felt better.

Total mileage for the week = 58. The start of the taper but still less than it should be. Travel and New Year didn’t help. Also, I was a little injured near the start of the week and Berlin was very cold. Excuses excuses.


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